AAARAD Surveys: What are they?

Surveying of the AAARAD membership is done periodically to obtain information pertaining to common areas of interest from radiology departments within academic medical centers.

The surveys are initiated by either members, the Board or ad hoc work groups and are conducted via SurveyMonkey with the results being posted in the members only area of the AAARAD website. In this way information on relevant issues & practices is gathered and shared in order to help identify common as well as best practices. Members have found the surveying process to be a useful tool and the resulting information to be an invaluable resource.

In addition, the annual Physician Salary & Productivity and the biennial Administrative Management surveys are the most informative and comprehensive benchmarking surveys of their kind in the country.

Access AAARAD Surveys in the Member Only Section

Access to AAARAD Surveys is available exclusively to AAARAD members in the Members Only section of our website. To join AAARAD and access these valuable surveys, go to our membership page and download a membership application. Click the Member Login button to log into the Member Only Section.