Denise Quandt

University of Kentucky

Bart LeFan
Director of Finance and Administration, Indiana University

AAARAD Secretary

The role of the AAARAD Secretary is to be the chief record keeper for all official AAARAD functions. As a board member and an officer the secretary is expected to make important contributions toward the growth and development of the AAARAD organization and to help shape the future direction of the organization. Ensures the board nomination survey is developed in conjunction with the Past-President, President and President-Elect between June and August for submission to the Survey Coordinator early August (at least 60 days prior to the Annual Fall Meeting) for membership voting.

Annual & Periodic Tasks
  • Attend Annual Meeting as well as all other Board and organization events.
  • Organize, facilitate and problem solve issues for the Association, as necessary.
  • Participate with the Past-President, President and President-Elect to develop the slate of officers for the following year and ensures Survey Coordinator sends ballot to membership for vote.
Monthly & Ongoing Tasks
  1. Participate in monthly AAARAD Board Conference calls.
  2. Keeps records of discussions and decisions made by the Board
  3. Prepares written minutes of each AAARAD Board and Business Meeting
  4. Draft minutes are distributed to Board members within 3 days of the meeting for edits and corrections
  5. Final Draft of minutes are presented at the next Board Meeting for formal approval