Category: Board Actions


The board approved the naming of the Cheryl Martin Leadership Award from 2021-2026 in honor of her financial donation and regular contributions to AAARAD.


The board agreed to increase the Membership Management Software license to the 300 member limit. The Board recommended that Victor Sarro remain as Board President for a second term. Brad Gleichman will remain as immediate past president for another term. The Board voted unanimously in favor.


The Board has agreed to allow Marty Bledsoe to attend the 2019 fall conference and waive the registration fee because he is an invited speaker.


The Board voted unanimously to update the by-laws to reflect that the current President- Victor Sarro, President Elect – Dan Crawley and Treasurer – Scott Jennings shall be identified as the key officers of AAARAD with access to AAARAD bank accounts.


Create additional survey to gather information about member interest in use of AAARAD LinkedIn page. Emotional Intelligence – how we work with staff and radiologists was selected for a webinar topic from GE. It was decided to move the Board Meeting to Wednesday at lunch the week of the ... Read More


The Board determined that this will be a pilot year for vendors and or other organizations to present at the annual conference. The presentation must be non-commercial in nature and focused on leadership development Conference Topics: Two sessions for Hot Topics, Salary and Productivity Summary – Sherry Elliott, AI ... Read More
February 14,


A survey will be sent to all AAARAD members asking for a vote on topics of interest for the next annual meeting and to solicit presenters. The Board Minutes section on the web site will be inactivated and replaced with Board Actions.
January 15,